Just You – Song Of The Day

Twin Peaks James

With Twin Peaks very near to getting a revival, why not look back at one of the most memorable tunes from the iconic cult series? From the show’s genius composer Angelo Badalamenti, “Just You” is sung by tortured biker pretty boy James (James Marshall) who is backed by Laura Palmer lookalike Maddy (Sheryl Lee) and love interest Donna (Lara Flynn Boyle) and it is every bit as poetic, knowingly naive, playfully bizarre and sexy as you’d expect from a David Lynch creation.

Fu Man Chu – Song Of The Day

Fu Man Chu

Back in 1968, Jamaican reggae icon Desmond Dekker recorder a song called “Fu Man Chu” and it is one gem from the man that’s worth visiting or revisiting. Playful, sexy, creepy, who would have thought that a character like Fu Manchu would make sense in a Desmond Dekker tune? It may make “no sense at all”, as the song’s lyrics may suggest but, as random as it is, it works beautifully and Dekker’s vocals are, as ever, hypnotic.

First We Take Manhattan – Song Of The Day


“First We Take Manhattan” was first recorded by Jennifer Warnes back in 1986 and soon enough we finally got Leonard Cohen‘s take on it. Cohen wrote the song and his version was far moodier than Warnes’. The gloomy vocals leading us to an unexpectedly upbeat disco-esque chorus which, some might say kills the song, others might say make it. Either way, this is a cool track which can be found on the album I’m Your Man.

Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) – Song Of The Day


Concrete Blonde turned to a style resembling more gothic rock with their 1990 album Bloodletting which included their biggest hit “Joey” but also this moody and very cool vampire song. Paul Thompson, of Roxy Music, is the drummer in this one and although it was “Joey” which reached the charts and stayed there for weeks, this title song is pretty awesome as well.

Jailhouse Fire – Song Of The Day

Laura Veirs

“Jailhouse Fire” was one of the most memorable tracks on indie folk singer/musician Laura Veirs‘ second album The Triumphs & Travails Of Orphan Mae and introduced many to her unique off-beat style. The song is a bouncy blues tune with a catchy chorus and some good old-fashioned whistling. This is Veirs at her bluesiest and it is pretty darn sweet.

The Metro – Song Of The Day

BerlinFrom Berlin, the new wave band that brought us that charmingly cheesy “Take My Breath Away” theme from Top Gun, comes “The Metro”, a much better and slightly darker tune led by a hypnotic electro beat. Written by John Crawford, the song can be found on the album Pleasure Victim and has been covered over the years by the likes of John Frusciante and System Of A Down.

His Eyes – Song Of The Day

His Eyes

Released back in 1984 in the album Autumnal Park, the song “His Eyes” famously appeared in the movie Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning as one of Jason Voorhees’ victims dances along to it before her inevitable demise. It’s a cool dark glam tune with a fun electro beat and a gothic vibe throughout courtesy of Australian new wave band Pseudo Echo.