Monster Mash – Song Of The Day

Monster Mash

When it comes to fun Halloween-friendly tunes, you can’t do much better than “Monster Mash”, Bobby Pickett‘s goofy and ghoulish 60’s hit. Not only does it namedrop pretty much all the Universal Monsters but it tells a mad scientist story and includes a Bela Lugosi impression. The song was covered many times, The Misfits‘ take on it being particularly memorable, but it’s well worth watching Mr Pickett sing the song himself while making all sorts of crazy faces.

Sweet dreams!

Feed Me (Git It) – Song Of The Day

Feed Me

As Halloween “grows” ever nearer, I thought our Song Of The Day should be as scary as possible so I instantly thought of “Feed Me (Git It)” from The Little Shop Of Horrors because what’s more terrifying than a giant carnivorous plant pleading you somewhat sexily to give it some of your blood? Nothing, that’s what. Though that musical and its movie adaptation have tons of great songs worthy of mention, I picked this one for its iconic quality and its more outwardly bloody content as well as the fact that Levi Stubbs and, of course, Rick Moranis knocked this one out of the park.


Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Song Of The Day


Our Song Of The Day for today is Bauhaus‘ cult gothic rock song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and although it could be considered an odd track seeing as it’s like 9 minutes long, the vocals don’t show up for ages and it’s completely surreal both in structure and when it comes to the lyrics, this is one of those tracks that stays with you and definitely benefits from repeat listens. You’ll either love it instantly or it’ll grow on you over the years and you’ll end up loving it anyway.

The song was famously used to thrilling effect in the devilishly cool intro to the movie The Hunger back in 1983.

Anything Can Happen On Halloween – Song Of The Day

Tim Curry

As it is Halloween week, I thought we’d kick things off with a bang.

From the 1986 movie The Worst Witch comes one of the all time greatest Tim Curry moments. Forget Rocky Horror Picture Show, this is where it’s at. It’s not so much the song itself that’s all that memorable, it’s the cheesy video and Curry’s willingness to, it seems, do just about anything, no matter how silly or ridiculous. Proudly packed with every lame editing effect ever created and some very shoddy props indeed, “Anything Can Happen On Halloween” is simply unmissable.

The Nonsense Song – Song Of The Day

Modern TimesToday’s Song Of The Day comes from one of the most memorable scenes from Charlie Chaplin‘s cinematic masterpiece Modern Times. The infamous “Nonsense Song” introduced the world to The Tramp’s voice for the very first time and although the tune the latter attempts to sing in the film (after accidentally losing the lyrics) is loosely based on Leo Daniderff‘s “Je Cherche Apres Titine”, by singing it in half-French half-Italian nonsense, he made it his own and made sure that everyone would understand the scene no matter which language they spoke.

It’s silly, it’s genius, it’s Chaplin.

Goodnight Moon – Song Of The Day

Goodnight Moon

From the band Shivaree comes this little gem which famously played over the end credits of Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill Vol. 2“Goodnight Moon” is a dark, atmospheric, sexy track which fit in perfectly well with that moody black and white footage of Uma Thurman driving off in that fancy car of hers. The song can also be found on Shivaree’s brilliantly titled album I Oughta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump.

One More Kiss, Dear – Song Of The Day


One of the many great things about the movie Blade Runner was its uniquely atmospheric soundtrack from Vangelis who perfectly captured the old-meets-new feel of the setting and gave us something futuristic but decidedly retro. The 30’s-style tune “One More Kiss, Dear” was one of the highlights and, although it stood out from the rest of tracks, it was a pleasant surprise to say the least. This is a beautiful song with a very pretty melody, an emotional punch to it and a lot of heart.

Here’s to you, Treasure.