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Pago Pago – Song Of The Day


Can’t go wrong with Neoton Familia. You can always count on the Hungarian disco/pop group to deliver upbeat catchy tunes and hilariously cheesy videos and performances. “Pago Pago” was the first song from their self-titled 1983 album and it was pure kitsch Summer bliss complete with steel drums and one hell of a headspin (see below).

Samson Es Delila – Song Of The Day

Neoton A Familia

Here’s another song from irresistible Hungarian disco synth-pop band Neoton Familia. After tackling legendary hero Sandokan, this time they’re taking on the Bible itself with the tale of Samson and Delilah. Once again, the video is nothing short of adorable and the music is funky and catchy. You just can’t go wrong with Neoton.

Clap Your Hands For Michael Gorbatsjov – Song Of The Day


From Neoton Familia alumni Éva Csepregi comes a song that certainly lives up to its title in terms of how amusingly bizarre it is. Not only is “Clap Your Hands For Michael Gorbatsjov” a love letter to the ex-Soviet Union leader but it paints the man as some sort of legitimate sex symbol. Now it’s easy to see why some would have liked Mr Gorbachev back in the day but the idea that he is Russia’s answer to Brad Pitt is so absurd it’s awesome.

Clap your hands!

Sandokan – Song Of The Day


One of the most famous and prolific bands to ever come out of Hungary was Neoton Familia. With a career spanning several decades and many albums under their belt, Neoton sure kept busy. One of their most memorable hits has to be “Sandokan”, a disco-pop homage to the titular fictional pirate hero with one delightfully cheap and corny music video to go along with it. It’s a guilty pleasure one can’t feel too guilty about.

Neo-tons of fun.

Monkey Magic – Song Of The Day


Japanese rock band Godiego certainly hit the big time with this classic tune which made the TV series Monkey that little bit more awesome. “Monkey Magic” is about as fun and uplifting as a theme song can get. With lyrics like “Born from an egg on a mountain top / The punkiest monkey that ever popped” it is quite simply 70’s bliss all the way. As is Monkey and its iconic opening title sequence, of course.

Here they are performing their opus live:

Soirée Disco – Song Of The Day


If you lived in France back in the mid 90’s and you survived that somehow then you are no stranger to this awful yet irresistible one-hit wonder.

In every way, DJ Philippe Dhondt‘s (aka Boris) “Soirée Disco” is a trashy piece of kitsch nonsense with no real shape or point. But I suppose that’s what makes its unique charm, kinda like how the worst karaoke songs still inspire you to sing along sometimes or how the crappiest Eurovision Song Contest entries are so misguided they become fascinating and basically awesome. If there is such a thing as “endearingly shit” then this tune is it. How a basic disco beat over which a dude called Boris talks about some party he’s putting together did so well in the charts remains a mystery but I’d be lying if I said this one has no nostalgic value at all.

It happened and I was there.

And I… liked it?

Heart Of Glass – Song Of The Day

BlondieReleased in 1979 after appearing on Blondie‘s album Parallel Lines one year prior, “Heart Of Glass” topped the charts but unnerved the band’s New Wave rock fans as the use of a more disco sound looked like it meant the band was becoming over-commercialised. Maybe had the original lyrics “pain in the ass” been kept in instead of “heart of glass” that could have appeased those worried listeners. As it stands, it’s one of Blondie’s most instantly recognisable hits and it’s damn good, disco or no disco.