In Bloom – Song Of The Day

In Bloom

From Nirvana‘s classic album Never Mind, “In Bloom” was the last single to be released from it. Its video was a glorious piss-take of old variety shows depicting the band playing the song rather tamely Beatles-style. Which was perfectly fitting seeing as the song criticised those who didn’t exactly “get” the band back in the day. In short: it’s yet another cool song from one of the most essential rock albums around.

(Kom Så Ska Vi) Leva Livet – Song Of The Day

Leva Livet

Our Song Of The Day for today comes from Swedish pop group Gyllene Tider: “(Kom Så Ska Vi) Leva Livet” was released back in 1981 and can be found on the band’s second album Moderna Tider. It’s a fast-paced rocky track that’s a lot of fun from start to finish and it boasts a catchy chorus you don’t even need to be Swedish to sing along to.

Coma America – Song Of The Day

Coma America

The first track from dark punk rock band Amen‘s second (and self-titled) album Amen, “Coma America” is a 2 minute-long burst of energy courtesy of nutty lead singer Casey Chaos. Though the track is obviously making a political statement about the old Bush administration, it’s hard to take it too seriously and it mostly works as just a fun, screamy piece of head-banging material.

Whiplash – Song Of The Day


Seeing as the film Whiplash did (deservedly) well at this year’s Academy Awards, I thought it would be fitting to include the song “Whiplash” as today’s Song Of The Day. Written by Hank Levy, the track can be found on Don Ellis‘ album Soaring and it is one uniquely catchy, groovy, jazzy tune indeed.

Big congrats to J. K. Simmons for making us proud.

Higher Ground – Song Of The Day

Higher Ground

From Stevie Wonder‘s 1973 album Innervisions, “Higher Ground” was one funky tune to say the least. Armed with a cool, bluesy synthesiser beat, the track is a lot of fun and catchy as hell. It’s amazing to think the song was written really quickly by Wonder and that he played every single instrument in it.

A famously really good version of “Higher Ground” is The Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ take on it which can be found on the album Mother’s Milk.

Devil Inside – Song Of The Day

Devil Inside

Easily one of INXS‘s most recognisable songs, “Devil Inside” reached the number 2 spot in the US back in 1988 and can be found on the Australian band’s Kick album. The song is a good example of what INXS did best: it’s a fun, sexy, rocky pop track with a light vibe, a cool beat and a catchy chorus. A somewhat gloomier cover of the song by London Grammar revived the track very recently.

Le Vent Nous Portera – Song Of The Day

Noir Desir

“Le Vent Nous Portera” (translated as “The Wind Will Carry Us”) is a song by French rock band Noir Désir released as a single back in 2002. It is a melancholic, hugely atmospheric ballad with a folky rhythm (provided, funnily enough, by Manu Chao) and some bittersweet vocals which can be found on the album Des Visages Des Figures. It reached number 3 in the French charts and remains one of the band’s most memorable tunes.

One Last Breath – Song Of The Day

CreedFrom Creed‘s third album Weathered comes “One Last Breath”, the third single to be released from the album. While Creed may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard to deny they could put together a pretty kickass song once in a while and this one is most definitely that. The song tackles a dark theme through a rather beautiful melody which builds and builds into a very satisfying and rockier tune than you’d expect from the softer way it started.

Hasa Diga Eebowai – Song Of The Day

Book Of Mormon

One of the many memorable moments from Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s hugely successful musical The Book Mormon is “Hasa Diga Eebowai”, a song which works on so many levels: as a biting “Hakuna Matata” spoof, as a joyful hymn to atheism, as a hilariously graphic and vulgar piece of comedy, as a violent clash of philosophies for the mormon characters in the play. It’s definitely one of those so-wrong-it’s-so-right tracks and it’s unlikely another song from The Book Of Mormon won’t qualify as Song Of The Day eventually so watch this space.

Clap Your Hands For Michael Gorbatsjov – Song Of The Day


From Neoton Familia alumni Éva Csepregi comes a song that certainly lives up to its title in terms of how amusingly bizarre it is. Not only is “Clap Your Hands For Michael Gorbatsjov” a love letter to the ex-Soviet Union leader but it paints the man as some sort of legitimate sex symbol. Now it’s easy to see why some would have liked Mr Gorbachev back in the day but the idea that he is Russia’s answer to Brad Pitt is so absurd it’s awesome.

Clap your hands!