About Feedback Theatre

Welcome all, to the Feedback Theatre.

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The place where we go back and listen to all kinds of music, from classical to punk rock, then give you our feedback. Spotlighting up and coming artists, bringing you lesser known music from all around the world and much, much more, our mission is one of nostalgia, curiosity and discovery.

You can expect reviews, music video breakdowns, interviews, spoofs, articles aplenty and even a podcast!

Interested in writing for us? Got a new band you’d like us to spotlight on the blog? A song of yours you’d like us to feature? Or just an artist/song/album you’d like us to talk about? Just email us at: feedbacktheatre@gmail.com.

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The look of the blog should change now and then so please forgive its initial rudimentary appearance. It’ll remain somewhat experimental until a website is finally put together.

In the meantime, just sit back, relax, wait for those red curtains to lift and enjoy our Feedback Theatre.