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Funk Fujiyama – Song Of The Day


Our Song Of The Day for today is “Funk Fujiyama”, a funky Japanese tune released in 1989 by Kome Kome Club, one of the only bands in Japan who tackled soul and funk with great success back in the day. The song is quite simply tons of fun and it’s impossible not to love it right away with its bouncy rhythm and those energetic vocals plus the band itself is a riot when playing live. Gamers might remember the track from Youtuber JewWario‘s “You Can Play This” reviews.

Georgia On My Mind – Song Of The Day

Ray Charles

Written by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell, “Georgia On My Mind” may have been made even more iconic than it already was by Ray Charles but it, in fact, dates back to 1930, when it was recorded by Bix Beiderbecke. Just about everybody covered it since but it’s not until Ray Charles’ version that the song really became a major hit. It even became Georgia’s official state song eventually.

One of Charles’ most memorable classics and just a fantastic song altogether.

Last Goodbye – Song Of The Day

Last Goodbye

From the 1994 album Grace, “Last Goodbye” was Jeff Buckley‘s biggest commercial hit and was also a darn good song. A chilled-out, at times upbeat, at times melancholic, mostly bittersweet ballad with a rocky, soulful edge, the song can also be found on the Oscar-winning soundtrack for the Cameron Crowe 2001 film Vanilla Sky. It’s one of Buckley’s very best tracks and it’s likely to make you fall in love with the late artist’s work pretty quickly.