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Pago Pago – Song Of The Day


Can’t go wrong with Neoton Familia. You can always count on the Hungarian disco/pop group to deliver upbeat catchy tunes and hilariously cheesy videos and performances. “Pago Pago” was the first song from their self-titled 1983 album and it was pure kitsch Summer bliss complete with steel drums and one hell of a headspin (see below).

Samson Es Delila – Song Of The Day

Neoton A Familia

Here’s another song from irresistible Hungarian disco synth-pop band Neoton Familia. After tackling legendary hero Sandokan, this time they’re taking on the Bible itself with the tale of Samson and Delilah. Once again, the video is nothing short of adorable and the music is funky and catchy. You just can’t go wrong with Neoton.

Clap Your Hands For Michael Gorbatsjov – Song Of The Day


From Neoton Familia alumni Éva Csepregi comes a song that certainly lives up to its title in terms of how amusingly bizarre it is. Not only is “Clap Your Hands For Michael Gorbatsjov” a love letter to the ex-Soviet Union leader but it paints the man as some sort of legitimate sex symbol. Now it’s easy to see why some would have liked Mr Gorbachev back in the day but the idea that he is Russia’s answer to Brad Pitt is so absurd it’s awesome.

Clap your hands!