Sandokan – Song Of The Day


One of the most famous and prolific bands to ever come out of Hungary was Neoton Familia. With a career spanning several decades and many albums under their belt, Neoton sure kept busy. One of their most memorable hits has to be “Sandokan”, a disco-pop homage to the titular fictional pirate hero with one delightfully cheap and corny music video to go along with it. It’s a guilty pleasure one can’t feel too guilty about.

Neo-tons of fun.

Montage – Song Of The Day

Team AmericaOne of the many nuggets of genius to be found in Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s anarchic puppet movie Team America: World Police is the “Montage” song which facilitates a transition for the main character in pure piss-take fashion as Hollywood’s time-saving movie clichés are poked fun at in one of the best minutes the film has to offer. The song also popped up in a South Park episode a while back.

Remember: always fade out in a montaaaaaage…

Whip It – Song Of The Day

Whip It

What can one say about “Whip It”?

The genius video pretty much says it all.

Still, funny hat-wearing new wave band Devo‘s biggest hit deserves to be talked about. From the 1980 album Freedom Of Choice, the song was eventually covered by a pretty unlikely bunch of artists from Alvin & The Chipmunks to Moby. Of course, how could anyone ever beat the original?

You must whip it.

Apache – Song Of The Day


Written by Jerry Lordan, “Apache” is an instrumental piece of music which has been interpreted many times since The Shadows had a considerable hit with it back in 1960. From Incredible Bongo Band‘s groovier take on the song to Link Wray‘s typically rocky and back-to-basics cover, the tune seemed to always work somehow, even when only a sample of it was used for various hip-hop tracks. Its raw Western-style vibe was always so atmospheric and inherently cool that the song never even needed lyrics: the guitar would simply say it all.

Find Another Fool – Song Of The Day


Why not end the week with a sharp dose of Quarterflash?

From the band’s 1981 self-titled album comes their second single “Find Another Fool”, a fast-paced rock track with more attitude and energy you could possibly expect from a band led by a gal with a saxophone. Said gal, of course, was Rindy Ross who not only aced the Blondie-style track, which includes some tough vocal work, but ended it on a saxophonic high like only she could.

New Year’s Day – Song Of The Day

New Year's Day

Though it may be a political track at heart, U2‘s “New Year’s Day” is mostly remembered for being the band’s first breakout hit and for its cool bassline/driving rhythm boosting the track’s darker tone. I would also argue that if you’ve seen John Carpenter‘s Assault On Precinct 13, you might have heard that distinctive melody being played on a synthesiser but that’s a topic for another day. You can find the song on the album War.

Happy New Year from us!