Calling all music reviewers!!!

Tired of earning money and enjoying your free time?

Do you enjoy writing about music just for the fun of it?

Are you pretty good at it?

Then why not write for Feedback Theatre?

As you might have noticed, this new-ish blog has been dormant for a couple of months, this is due to the need for more writers who could share the work and their views on various types of music. We’re very flexible so let us know what you’d like to write about and we’ll sort that out.

The blog will start getting updated constantly again from this week onwards, by the way, so have no fear.

There are big plans ahead for Feedback Theatre from a podcast network to a fully formed website, a magazine (web and paper), a packed Youtube channel and maybe even organized events so getting involved could be totally worth it and totally fun, crazier things have happened.

Why write for us?

It’s a good way to get people to read your stuff (duh!) and for you to practice your reviewing style, it’s also a good way to give some unknown artists some free promotion and get the word out about the industry’s best kept secrets. I should also mention that THERE WILL BE PERKS to this whole thing. Every so often you might receive the odd CD, DVD or USB stick packed with musical goodies for you to listen to, review and keep, plus tickets to gigs or events here and there and web vouchers among other things.

Let us know what you are interested in, what you want to write about, or if you simply want us to promote your work/band/music video/blog/podcast/whatever OR have a brilliant idea for a web series (or pod) you’d like us to help produce and share.

Email us here:

Join the team!