Don’t Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!! – Song Of The Day


From Japanese rock band The Telephones comes the electro-pop single “Don’t Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!!”, which was released back in 2013 and which boasted a playfully retro music video. The song itself is infectious and tons of fun but add to that a video that’s a genius 80’s spoof from start to finish and you’ve got yourself the most irresistible 2 minutes you’ll sit through today.

Never Come Back – Song Of The Day

Kas Product

From French electro coldwave band KaS Product‘s debut album Try Out comes the single “Never Come Back”, a hypnotic synth-led, gothic track with punky, jazzy vocals. Singer Mona Soyoc can be seen rocking out and delivering a moody, sexy performance in the video below which is so 80’s, my Rubik’s Cube imploded.

Float On – Song Of The Day

Float On

In-keeping with the theme of every Friday, our Song Of The Day for today is a cover of Modest Mouse‘s “Float On” by Clones Of Clones, one of our favourite new bands. This version pays homage to Modest Mouse’s fab track yet remains very much a Clones Of Clones song, with its moodier approach. There’s also more of an electronic vibe with this cover, something which merges well with the band’s usual style.

“Float On” is out now and you can hop over to Soundcloud right now to enjoy the hell out of it. The video below is also worth sticking around for!

It Dawned On Me – Song Of The Day


That North Texas-based indie rock band Calla haven’t released a new album since their 2007 effort Strength In Numbers is a shame seeing as that one and Collisions were both good enough to suggest that Calla were one cool, different band to look out for. One of the best tracks from Collisions was “It Dawned On Me” and it’s our Song Of The Day for today.

Final Solution – Song Of The Day

Peter Murphy

Seeing as this is Friday and on Fridays we deal primarily with cover songs here at Feedback Theatre, I thought our Song Of The Day for today should be a cover so here we have “Final Solution” not by the great Pere Ubu, who first recorded the song back in 1976, but by the great Peter Murphy, who made it his own later on.

Fear Of The Dark – Song Of The Day

Fear Of The Dark

The title track from Iron Maiden‘s 9th album, “Fear Of The Dark” was the last song on the album and a live version of it was released as a single back in 1992. It’s an appropriately darker song (duh!) and it doesn’t truly kick off until after a very good build-up. Fun track.

Get Off – Song Of The Day

Get Off

From The Dandy Warhols‘ third album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia comes the single “Get Off”, a cool-as-f*** track that’s both an ode to mindless debauchery and a drug-themed refrain about addiction and the obsession that comes with it. While the song may have been overshadowed by the unexpected success of “Bohemian Like You” back in the day, it’s definitely one of the best and most memorable tracks on that album.

Complete Control – Song Of The Day

The Clash

It’s not too hard to imagine why The Clash were pissed off with their record label releasing their song “Remote Control” as a single without their consent seeing as it was a f*** you to record companies and the industry’s handling of tours etc in the first place. This irony led to the band practically retiring the actually really good song and releasing a further polemic referring to the aforementioned incident called “Complete Control”. This being The Clash, both songs are pretty bloody great.

Supermassive Black Hole – Song Of The Day


With the release of Muse‘s latest album Drones due for today, I thought I’d check out one of their tour-de-force Black Holes And Revelations‘ best tracks. “Supermassive Black Hole” was the lead single from the album and, armed with a exceptionally bizarre video, it soon became the band’s most successful track. The song itself is funkier, with a dancier beat and it kick-started the idea of Muse trying very different things with every song, something they are still excelling at to this day.

Games Without Frontiers – Song Of The Day

Games Without FrontiersWIth Kate Bush on backing vocals singing in French and the lyric “Willie is happy again” in there, it’s hard to not like Peter Gabriel‘s “Games Without Frontiers”. The moody track was Gabriel’s most successful single in the UK back in 1980 when it was released and it helped make an already pretty strong album even more significant and confirm the validity of the artist’s Genesis-free solo career.