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Funk Fujiyama – Song Of The Day


Our Song Of The Day for today is “Funk Fujiyama”, a funky Japanese tune released in 1989 by Kome Kome Club, one of the only bands in Japan who tackled soul and funk with great success back in the day. The song is quite simply tons of fun and it’s impossible not to love it right away with its bouncy rhythm and those energetic vocals plus the band itself is a riot when playing live. Gamers might remember the track from Youtuber JewWario‘s “You Can Play This” reviews.

Don’t Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!! – Song Of The Day


From Japanese rock band The Telephones comes the electro-pop single “Don’t Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!!”, which was released back in 2013 and which boasted a playfully retro music video. The song itself is infectious and tons of fun but add to that a video that’s a genius 80’s spoof from start to finish and you’ve got yourself the most irresistible 2 minutes you’ll sit through today.

Gimme Chocolate!! – Song Of The Day


Babymetal is no ordinary metal band, that’s for sure. For one thing, its three singers are under 18, and the music is kind of a weird mix between heavy metal and teen-friendly J-pop. “Gimme Chocolate!!” is the third song from the band’s first self-titled album and while it is a genuinely pretty awesome song, one has to watch the live performance to really get the full experience. Expect flashing lights, loads of red, bizarre lyrics, unexpectedly upbeat choruses and some of the best dance choreography EVER.


Ok then.

Monkey Magic – Song Of The Day


Japanese rock band Godiego certainly hit the big time with this classic tune which made the TV series Monkey that little bit more awesome. “Monkey Magic” is about as fun and uplifting as a theme song can get. With lyrics like “Born from an egg on a mountain top / The punkiest monkey that ever popped” it is quite simply 70’s bliss all the way. As is Monkey and its iconic opening title sequence, of course.

Here they are performing their opus live:

Devil Soldier – Album Review


The first Japanese heavy metal band to be signed by a major record label in the U.S., Loudness was formed in the early 80’s and has since enjoyed a lasting career with a huge range of albums to their name.

It’s a shame the band isn’t as well known in the UK because they really do have a lot of good stuff in their discography.

Case and point: Devil Soldier.

The second album to be released by Loudness, Devil Soldier was a short one but definitely helped cement the band as one to look out for. It even won the Best Heavy Metal Album award in Japan back in 1982.

With all that in mind, let’s have a listen.

The first song, “Lonely Player”, kicks off the album Judas Priest-style with a whole lotta energy. It shows off singer Minoru Niihara’s range and develops in an eclectic, unexpected way that, somehow, kinda works like a weirdly improvisational, jazzy take on metal. The second song, “Angel Dust”, has more of a KISS-esque beat to it and starts off strong before delivering a fun, catchy chorus.

Good stuff so far.

“After Illusion” follows and slows things down a little after an explosive start by bringing in a rather beautiful, softer melody and slowly building back up to something heavier and more grand. It’s easily one of the best songs on the album (my personal favourite) and single-handedly should make you fall in love with Loudness’ creativity and melodic flair. It’s definitely a hard one to follow.

The fourth song on the album is “Girl” and, although it’s a fun, rhythmically rich tune with an annoyingly catchy repeating riff, it’s also a bit ineffectual and messy. It’s more of a transition track, really. It’s followed by “Hard Workin'”, an energetic, Iron Maiden-style ride with terrific, complex vocal work and a thoroughly entertaining vibe all the way through. A good time.

“Loving Maid” is next and, although its build-up is a tad forgettable, whenever the song speeds up, it gets genuinely really good. It’s a perfect concert song which should drive those lucky enough to party down in a Loudness mosh pit completely nuts. Not bad. “Rock The Nation” is a very cool song with catchy verses and a memorable anthem-like chorus. It could have done with a little more of a punch to it but it still works and gets the job done.

Finally, we have the title song, “Devil Soldier”, a seven minute-long experimental track which opens with a fab galloping rhythm packed with attitude and, after a short break, changes completely, becoming a different song altogether. You never know where this one’s going, calling back to the jazzy madness of “Lonely Player”, but it does brilliantly to keep your attention throughout. Eventually, the song changes once more to become a slower, sexier Led Zeppelin-style ballad with solos and the odd moan but it soon builds back up to a thrilling, epic finale.

That last song is all over the place but Loudness make it work remarkably… somehow.

Overall, while the band has much more to offer than Devil Soldier, it’s still a very solid outing for Loudness and, if you’re interested in finding out about this madcap Japanese 80’s metal band then it’s a pretty good place to start.

I give it 4 Drunk Hatters out of 5.

Check it out 🙂


PonPonPon – Video Feedback


Yup, I thought I’d torture you all for today’s Video Feedback.

If you’ve never heard of the Youtube phenomenon that is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu then you’ve both missed out on some worth-a-watch madness and you’ve avoided one of those annoyingly catchy Japanese pop songs that, no matter whether you like it or not, stays in and around your brain forever.

The song is harmless enough in that the lyrics are basically not much more than a happy anthem celebrating acting crazy because otherwise “life would be so dull”. “PonPonPon”‘s words, not mine.

Hey, you know what’s not dull?

“PonPonPon”‘s music video!

Let’s take a look.

Alright, so the video opens on an eye dress, which isn’t too weird seeing as eyes are the primary motif of the whole thing:

Eye Dress

Our singer is finally revealed wearing what turns out not to be a dress at all but in fact bouffant shorts:

Opening Dance

The first truly weird thing that happens, setting the tone for the rest of the video, is a tiny microphone coming out of a pink ear:

Ear Mic

The microphone then gets grabbed by Kyary’s tiny hand:

Mic Grab

And she’s finally ready to begin:

Singing Mic

Apparently the microphone stand is meant to be a reference to Freddie Mercury but you really need to want to see that to pick it up, frankly.

The messy, candy-coloured room Kyary is standing in is, obviously, packed with random goodies including cereal boxes and Wonka sweets:Cereals

Also, baby leopard back-packs (gotta have those):

Baby Leopard

Dolls and shit:


Shoes and tiny fruit:

Toys Etc

And, um, panties…


Whatever, it’s a clutter of things a really, obscenely rich little girl might have.

The scene is set, now let’s look at some messed-up stuff:

Brain Window

Ok, so a red brain pops up over at the window, Kyary runs around doing all sorts of silly things:


Silly Eyes

And finally we fly through the window and into that brain which, I’m guessing, is meant to be her brain, her sick, twisted mind.

Which would explain this:

Pink Face Brains

The two faceless dancers are recurring characters in this whole mind-f***, as you can see:

Dancing Fatties

What they’re meant to represent?

Boxing Gloves

Beats me.

The boxing gloves I don’t get either.


Nor the ducks.

It’s a trip, man. But it’s one we all have to take, together.

After journeying into our lady-friend’s brain, we then take a little holiday into her heart, literally:


And OF COURSE it’s pink and polka-dotted.

What isn’t in this video?

“PonPonPon” soon makes way to some rather worrying imagery. Now I’m no psychiatrist or psychologist but it seems that little miss Kyary may have a slight fear of death or ageing if you go by all the odd skulls and bones laying around:Skulls


Yup, time to grow up, my dear.

This video turned into a bad trip FAST, by the way.

I mean, just look at this:

Birds Mouth

That’s just unsettling!

Luckily, the fruits on her head are always funny.

More goofy stuff we get to witness includes ducks with bullet crowns:

Duck Bullets2

Cheese hats:


Melting eyes:

Eye Melting

And pumas, I suppose?


But it’s far from over.

Believe it or not, this is only the beginning.

The eye fetish eventually reaches its inevitably insane conclusion as pink Kyary vomits out a bunch of eyeballs:

Eyes Vomit


Anyway, the eyes transcend that darned window and Kyary parties with ’em.

Eyes Attack

Before summoning them and forcing them to watch as she picks her nose:

Spinning Eyes

Jeesh, pointing out all the random stuff in “PonPonPon” is going to take all day…

One second she’s sword-fighting a clock:

Sword Clock

Which kinda backs up my whole “fear of ageing” theory, by the way.

The next she’s got a carousel spinning around her big giant head:


Oh, and in case you forgot what the song was called, despite the chorus repeating it over and over throughout, you get it in writing:


Thanks for that.

Now, what’s left of the video I’ll try and regroup into two sections: clusterf*** and what the f***.

Let’s start with clusterf***, which includes any moment in the video where there’s just too much nonsense on-screen to describe:

Clusterfuck2Scissors HairClusterfuck

And what the f***, when something stands out as just plain wacky:


My favourite bit in the entire thing falls under the latter category but it’s somewhat unique so I’ve decided to isolate it.

You ready?

Here goes:


Not the classiest moment in the video but definitely one of the most epic.

Before I finally end this, I thought I should mention the bread part of the video.

Yes, bread.

Because apparently the word for “clapping” in Japanese sounds like “bread” so we eventually get this:

Bread2 Bread

Never has bread been this exciting in a music video. Forgive me if I don’t go back and check but I’m pretty sure that this is the place to go if you’re a fan of Japanese pop music and bread.

How does the video end?

Quite simply with a happy, Anchorman-style jump:


And a cheesy ;P wink:

Circle Ending

Because things weren’t whimsical enough up to this point.

So what do I make of the infamous “PonPonPon” music video?

Gotta hand it to those responsible for it: at least it’s creative and boasts enough madness to keep anyone glued to their Youtube screen for a good few minutes. Hence the meme.

The song is insufferable but a guilty pleasure nonetheless and its video is exactly what you’d expect from something this goofy.

Thank you Satan.