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Little Boxes – Song Of The Day


Written by Malvina Reynolds back in 1962, “Little Boxes” was a satiric protest song about suburbia and it was initially a hit for Pete Seeger. The Reynolds version would become the theme song for the TV series Weeds in 2005 which would lead to various covers from the likes of Elvis Costello, Linkin Park and Death Cab For Cutie. This is not only a catchy little tune but its lyrics still resonate and are still very relevant today which makes it a timeless classic we’ll probably hear for many more years to come.

Christmas In Heaven – Song Of The Day

Xmas in Heaven

Just before revealing to us the meaning of life in their film… The Meaning Of Life, Monty Python delivered this little nugget of absurdity: a truly corny and bizarre vision of Heaven in which an over-tanned Graham Chapman with a perm and whitened teeth sings a Tony Bennett-style Christmas song which plays like some kind of wildly over-the-top and gratuitous Las Vegas show.

If this is Heaven: I’m SO in.