Ramblin’ Man – Song Of The Day


Here’s another classic Steve Martin tune for you guys: “Ramblin’ Man” (or Ramblin’ Guy) was often played in the comedian’s early stand-up shows but it also made an appearance when Martin was a special guest on The Muppet Show. It’s a hilarious banjo-led nonsense song which can be found on the brilliant album Let’s Get Small.

Hey, this guy is good!

El Pintor – Album Review


Last year, New York City indie rock band Interpol finally released a follow-up to their self-titled album. El Pintor was their 5th and it was well received overall.

The first song on the album, “All The Rage Back Home”, was the first single to be released from El Pintor and it recently made our 20 Cool Songs From 2014 list. Singer Paul Banks‘ haunting voice is back in a familiar but catchy and moody track that’s most definitely a worthy opener.

“My Desire”, the second track (and single), boasts an inventive pinched guitar hook. It’s certainly atmospheric and doesn’t sound like a lot of Interpol songs which is good since it shows some form of versatility. That said, it never truly takes off. As for “Anywhere”, it’s got a solid start but, on the whole, it mostly comes off as a bit too busy and messy. It’s like if R.E.M. sang in a busy restaurant but no-one stopped talking or eating, there’s a droning feel to this one.

“Same Town, New Story” is a softer track with a promising core hook which, like “My Desire” gives the song its own personality. It is, however, a little repetitive and the song doesn’t seem to develop much. A shot of adrenaline could do this album some good right about now.

“My Blue Supreme” works much better in that its main melody is catchier and almost has a John Frusciante-esque quality to it. It’s, again, a slower, softer track which needed a burst of energy in there somewhere but it’s really not bad.

The problem with the next track and third single, “Everything Is Wrong”, is it starts with a simple, pretty cool guitar riff but that gets lost in a sea of effects-packed instruments and soundscapes. If only this one hadn’t been so overproduced it could have stood out a little more because, as it stands, it’s another kinda forgettable, too busy track.

“Breaker 1” has a decent hook which comes up now and then but, otherwise, there’s not much to hold onto here. Interpol are awesome at creating atmospheric tunes and this is one of them, but the songs really need to sound radically different to each other in order to make the album worth it. Otherwise it’s better to just buy the first single and walk away then go back and listen to Antics, the band’s terrific 2004 album.

Same goes for the 8th track, “Ancient Ways”, another moody tune with potential which sadly never fully takes off. That said, this is one of the best songs on the album, probably because it’s got a Muse-style vibe here and there but probably also because you can actually hear the guitar riffs for once!

A solid drum beat introduces “Tidal Wave”, a decent track in which Paul Banks tries something a little different by going into Bono territory vocally at times. There’s a repetitiveness to the track and pacing issues but those are nitpicks, it’s not bad at all. Finally, we have the ironically titled “Twice As Hard” which isn’t twice as hard but twice as slow as the other tracks on the album. It’s a fitting last song, which isn’t a good thing.

While it may sound like I hate El Pintor, I really don’t. There are some decent songs in there and it still sounds very much like Interpol so if you like the band, chances are you’ll like parts of this album. It’s just a frustrating listen with every song showing lots of potential but never going the extra 100m to stand out at all. A lot of the times, cool riffs and good ideas are drowned in a sea of effects, plus Banks never really challenges himself here.

Not terrible, then, but Interpol have done better and will do better, I’m sure.

That’s only 2 Happy Cobains out of 5 for this one, I’m afraid.


What I Saw – Song Of The Day

John Frusciante

“What I Saw” may only be one of the many great songs to be found on John Frusciante‘s 7th album Inside Of Emptiness but it opens the album with a bang. It’s not the happiest album around so don’t expect too many songs about rainbows or smiling trees, “What I Saw” is the more upbeat it gets and even that one’s got an emotional quality to it. Kicks ass, though.

Black Math – Song Of The Day


The White Stripes‘ 4th album Elephant was a huge success upon its release and rightly so: some great singles came from it and the whole thing had an iconic quality to it. One of the many cool tracks to be found on the album is “Black Math”, which had the misfortune of following probably the band’s biggest hit to date “Seven Nation Army” but which still kicked butt nonetheless with its fast-paced rhythm and the gallons of energy poured into it.

These two sure could make a hell of a lot of noise.

You Can Call Me Al – Song Of The Day

Chevy Chase

From Paul Simon‘s 1986 album Graceland, “You Can Call Me Al” is still one of the artist’s most recognisable tracks and it is a good one: fun, catchy, varied, boasting a kickass bass solo. That being said, it’s the video and its simplicity which sells it as Simon and Chevy Chaseenter a room as the latter lip-syncs the entire song with all the old Chevy Chase charm which made the 80’s that little bit more awesome.

Robots – Song Of The Day


One of the first clear proofs that Flight Of The Conchords was not just some weird yet clever TV show but a goldmine for genius parody tunes was “Robots” which saw Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement in cardboard robot suits singing about the distant future and the depressing state of humanity in said distant future.

Spoilers: the humans are dead.

Including a classy binary solo and some unexpected but very welcome burst of “robo-boogie”, Robots is simply unmissable.

Matchbox – Song Of The Day


Here’s a cool song first recorded by rockabilly legend Carl Perkins back in 1956 and, later, by The Beatles (sung by Pete Best and, eventually, Ringo Starr). A take on 1920’s blues singer Ma Rainey‘s “Lost Wandering Blues”, “Matchbox” is not only a great track by itself but you can see how it inspired a lot of artists throughout the decades from Jerry Lee Lewis to Jack White. The White Stripes‘ “It’s True That We Love One Another” always sounded suspiciously familiar…

Big Bottom – Song Of The Day

Spinal Tap

One of the many memorable musical masterpieces to come out of classic mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap was “Big Bottom” by the iconic pseudo hard rock band Spinal Tap. The performance in the film sees guitars slapping Christopher Guest‘s butt, Harry Shearer rocking a double neck guitar and Michael McKean excelling at singing about rear ends like no-one else.

This is, indeed, Spinal Tap.

Go With The Flow – Song Of The Day


From their 2003 album Songs For The Deaf, Queens Of The Stone Age‘s single “Go With The Flow” was a relentless grungy track with a memorable video and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters on drums. It’s quite probably one of the band’s most recognisable songs to date and one of that particular album’s best.

20 Cool Songs From 2014

It may be a little late for 2014 retrospectives but we thought we’d throw some of our favourite tracks from last year your way regardless, just in case you missed some you might want to check out.

Feel free to send us your recommendations and your favourite tracks from last year right here in the comments, on Twitter (@feedbacktheatre) or on our Facebook page.

Alright, here we go: in no particular order, here’s 20 Cool Songs From 2014:


The Way



Out of nowhere, the Buzzcocks came back with a ninth album last year. Its title track was “The Way” and it confirmed quickly that the punk band still had some life left in them.


Turn Blue

The Black Keys

Black Keys

Another title track, this time from The Black Keys‘ eighth album Turn Blue. This is one fab, retro, chilled-out tune that’s perfect for cheap wine drinking and light fornication.


Sugar On The Side

Blondie (feat. Systema Solar)


Blondie‘s latest album Ghosts Of Download may have proven a little too “poppy” for fans but Debbie Harry‘s reinvention was still worth a listen, especially the single “Sugar On The Side”.


Rock Or Bust


Rock Or Bust

Unlike Blondie, AC/DC didn’t exactly come out of their comfort zone last year delivering a very AC/DC album with the old familiar sound we’re used to. That said, new album (and single) Rock Or Bust still rocked.


All The Rage Back Home



Interpol‘s latest album El Pintor may not have been their best but parts of it were still worth a listen including the single “All The Rage Back Home” which was catchy and moody just like a good Interpol track should be.


Said And Done

The Very Small

Very Small

Up and coming band The Very Small released the album Zoomed Way Out last year along with the single “Said And Done” which was a welcome burst of energy to the indie rock scene.


New Crown


New Crown

For their third studio album, Wolfmother went full retro and released the most 60’s-sounding LP of 2014. The title track, “New Crown”, gives you a pretty good idea of what the band would have sounded like back in the day.


The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)



The controversy surrounding the iTunes release of U2‘s Songs Of Innocence may have overshadowed the album itself yet this turned out to be the band’s best in a long while. Its first single, an ode to Joey Ramone, set the more personal tone.


The Gift



Man On The Run was certainly a more commercial effort for Bush, something which may have been a divisive move for fans. “The Gift”, however, did a great job to evoke the good old grunginess we loved about the band back in the 90’s.



Lenny Kravitz


Is it weird that Lenny Kravitz delivered better Prince songs than Prince himself last year? A little, although Kravitz has been known to be a pretty reliable and consistent musician in his own right. “Strut” is a fun, catchy and funky tune indeed.


Something From Nothing

Foo Fighters

Something From Nothing

Whether you’re a fan of Foo Fighters or not, the single “Something From Nothing” was so good it definitely made you want to check out their new album Sonic Highways regardless.



TV On The Radio


Arguably the rockier track on TV On The Radio‘s new album Seeds, “Lazerray” channels The Ramones with one fun, punky tune which confirms once again the band’s endless versatility.


I Don’t Need Your Love

Clones Of Clones

Clones Of Clones

Last year, breakout Washington D.C. band Clones Of Clones released the single “I Don’t Need Your Love” and, to this day, it’s still stuck in our heads and it remains one of the most memorable tracks of 2014. Don’t forget to check out the band’s latest “Monster Heart”.





For us here at Feedback Theatre, Chinese indie rock band Hedgehog can do no wrong. Last year saw the band release the album Phantom Pop Star which included an atmospheric, sexy tune called “Aspirin”.


That Black Bat Licorice

Jack White

Jack White

Here’s one cool Jack White track which was released as a 7″ single with not one but three videos attached to it. It can also be found on last year’s album Lazaretto which is also recommended.


Can’t Break Me Down

Billy Idol

Billy Idol

Billy Idol‘s comeback single “Can’t Break Me Down” may have had a rather light, commercial chorus aimed at picking up a newer mass audience but even then, one can’t deny just how damn good everything else about that song was. Plus it’s just good to have Idol back.



John Frusciante


Recent John Frusciante albums tend to be experimental to the point of being almost overwhelming or simply baffling. Enclosure at least had “Fanfare”, which benefited from the simplicity of just having Frusciante’s unmistakable voice sing over a dancey beat as the partly electro song grows and grows quietly into something expectedly brilliant. That’s before it devolves into crazy noises, of course.


The Plague

The Vultures

Three Mothers

Here’s one beautifully sinister track from UK-based band The Vultures: “The Plague” can be found on the band’s genial first album Three Mothers Part 1. It’s a pretty good introduction to The Vultures so if you like the track, we’d definitely recommend purchasing the whole thing over at bandcamp. Because your ears f***ing deserve it.




Layout 1

HAIM certainly made an impact with their first album Days Are Gone, which basically but the Haim sisters on the map. “Falling” was the second single to be released from the album and its Kate Bush-esque retro feel made it instantly hipster-rific. Who said pop music had to be shit?


Gimme Chocolate!!


Babymetal Album

It’s no secret that metal J-pop band Babymetal are all kinds of awesome so it frankly would have been odd for us not to include one of the tracks from their terrific self-titled first album. “Gimme Chocolate!!” seemed like a fitting choice seeing as we are still nowhere near tired of THAT live performance.

Here’s hoping that 2015 delivers the goods!

See you next year for another retrospective, Feedbackians.