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Hey Stoopid – Song Of The Day

Hey Stoopid

The title track from Alice Cooper‘s 1991 album Hey Stoopid certainly has a lot going for it: a silly, instantly memorable title, cameo appearances by Slash and Ozzy Osbourne, who provides some backing vocals on the song, but also a reliably absurd and fun video. It was the most successful single on the album and it’s easy to see why.

Check it out, stoopid.


Paranoid – Song Of The Day


Easily one of Black Sabbath‘s most recognisable tracks, “Paranoid” was the title song for the album of the same name. The driving guitar and bass rhythm taking you through a nervous, hypnotic journey and good old Ozzy acting as that little voice in your head making you all sort of, well, paranoid. It’s a great, unforgettable song with a lot of bite which certainly started off the 70’s with a bang.