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IOU – Song Of The Day


Thinking about what would be the quintessential Metric song, a few came to mind but the strongest contender would probably be the opening track from the band’s Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? album “IOU”. The song is like a mini best of with the band showing off a bit of rock, a bit of punk, a bit of electro, a lot of versatility over the space of a single song and it all somehow works pretty seamlessly. It’s a fast-paced, fun tune but it’s also not without it’s softer, more chilled-out moments.


Combat Baby – Song Of The Day

Combat Baby

Here’s one cool track from Metric‘s pitch-perfect second album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?. It’s poppy yet defiant, full of that unique mix of electronica and punky riffs the band does so well plus, as a bonus,┬áit’s catchy as hell. “Combat Baby” was the first single to be released from the album and it certainly helped make it as memorably great as it was, not to mention make more people aware of Metric, arguably one of the best bands working today.