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Nantes – Song Of The Day


Beirut‘s 2007 album The Flying Club Cup was pretty perfect and the second track on the album, “Nantes”, was not only one of the best on it but remains one of Beirut’s most recognisable tracks. The usual Balkan folk-influenced vibe is there along with a whole bunch of accordions, trumpets and other relatively exotic instruments. The music video, which sees maestro Zach Condon walk down a flight of stairs behind the rest of the band is also particularly inspired.


Hey Stoopid – Song Of The Day

Hey Stoopid

The title track from Alice Cooper‘s 1991 album Hey Stoopid certainly has a lot going for it: a silly, instantly memorable title, cameo appearances by Slash and Ozzy Osbourne, who provides some backing vocals on the song, but also a reliably absurd and fun video. It was the most successful single on the album and it’s easy to see why.

Check it out, stoopid.

Don’t Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!! – Song Of The Day


From Japanese rock band The Telephones comes the electro-pop single “Don’t Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!!”, which was released back in 2013 and which boasted a playfully retro music video. The song itself is infectious and tons of fun but add to that a video that’s a genius 80’s spoof from start to finish and you’ve got yourself the most irresistible 2 minutes you’ll sit through today.

Get Off – Song Of The Day

Get Off

From The Dandy Warhols‘ third album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia comes the single “Get Off”, a cool-as-f*** track that’s both an ode to mindless debauchery and a drug-themed refrain about addiction and the obsession that comes with it. While the song may have been overshadowed by the unexpected success of “Bohemian Like You” back in the day, it’s definitely one of the best and most memorable tracks on that album.

Music Is My Radar – Song Of The Day

Blur Music

Released on Blur: The Best Of back in 2000, “Music Is My Radar” was a pretty different effort for Blur who went for a dancier vibe with this one. The song was Graham Coxon‘s last single before the band reunited several years later and, as good as it is, it’s the brilliant video that really elevated it from an audio curiosity to an intriguing Blur reinvention one wishes the band had embraced in a full album.

You Can Call Me Al – Song Of The Day

Chevy Chase

From Paul Simon‘s 1986 album Graceland, “You Can Call Me Al” is still one of the artist’s most recognisable tracks and it is a good one: fun, catchy, varied, boasting a kickass bass solo. That being said, it’s the video and its simplicity which sells it as Simon and Chevy Chaseenter a room as the latter lip-syncs the entire song with all the old Chevy Chase charm which made the 80’s that little bit more awesome.

Go With The Flow – Song Of The Day


From their 2003 album Songs For The Deaf, Queens Of The Stone Age‘s single “Go With The Flow” was a relentless grungy track with a memorable video and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters on drums. It’s quite probably one of the band’s most recognisable songs to date and one of that particular album’s best.