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Jaan Pehechan Ho – Song Of The Day

Jaan Pehechan Ho

Many will know this tune from the opening scene of the film Ghost World but Jaan Pehechan Ho” is more widely known as the hit song from the 1965 Bollywood thriller Gumnaam starring Nanda, Manoj Kumar and Pran. To say that the scene in which the song is depicted is pure 60’s bliss would be an understatement. With its genius choreography, its catchy chorus and its mostly masked (a la Green Hornet) cast, this is just a bloody good, very fun song delivered with tons and tons of energy.

The song is sung by Mohammed Rafi and the main dancer in the scene is Laxmi Chhaya.


For Your Eyes Only – Song Of The Day

The Hunter

As we wish the lovely Debbie Harry a Happy 70th Birthday, here’s a great, sadly overlooked Blondie song. “For Your Eyes Only” was almost that James Bond film’s main theme before the producers went with Sheena Easton‘s soppier take on it. It’s this version which frankly should have come out on top because this was Blondie doing a 007 track (already that’s awesome) and the band completely nailed it. The song can be found on the 1982 album The Hunter.

His Eyes – Song Of The Day

His Eyes

Released back in 1984 in the album Autumnal Park, the song “His Eyes” famously appeared in the movie Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning as one of Jason Voorhees’ victims dances along to it before her inevitable demise. It’s a cool dark glam tune with a fun electro beat and a gothic vibe throughout courtesy of Australian new wave band Pseudo Echo.

Theme From Star Trek – Song Of The Day

Star Trek

Our Leonard Nimoy homage week continues with today’s Song Of The Day: the “Theme From Star Trek”, the quintessential TV sci-fi theme. The classic Original Series of Star Trek would always begin with ominous shots of The Enterprise flying quietly through space as William Shatner‘s grand voice-over led us in slowly until the ship’s big “whoosh” towards the camera finally allowed the iconic theme (courtesy of Alexander Courage) to kick in.

It’s very 1960’s, it’s epic, romantic and just plain cool.

Here’s Mr Nimoy trying his hand at introducing the theme in J.J. Abrams’ first reboot movie:

Vanilla Sky – Song Of The Day

Vanilla Sky

One of the many terrific songs to come out of the movie Vanilla Sky‘s brilliant Oscar-nominated soundtrack was Paul McCartney‘s titular track “Vanilla Sky”. It pops up during the film’s end credits to wrap things up in a chilled-out mood. By McCartney with arrangements by Nancy Wilson, whose work was very prominent on the entire soundtrack, this little track works as well as it does by being completely unpretentious and upbeat yet appropriately bittersweet.

Montage – Song Of The Day

Team AmericaOne of the many nuggets of genius to be found in Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s anarchic puppet movie Team America: World Police is the “Montage” song which facilitates a transition for the main character in pure piss-take fashion as Hollywood’s time-saving movie clichés are poked fun at in one of the best minutes the film has to offer. The song also popped up in a South Park episode a while back.

Remember: always fade out in a montaaaaaage…

Let’s Build A Snowman – Song Of The Day

Let's Build A Snowman

Forget Frozen‘s take on snowman-building: this is where it’s at.

From what is quite possibly the least Christmassy movie ever, Troma’s Cannibal! The Musical was not only Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s first full-on musical but it also remains one of their most underrated, underwatched gems, probably because it was made pre-South Park. “Let’s Build A Snowman” is one of the most memorable song numbers from the film, for obvious reasons (see below).