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Hasa Diga Eebowai – Song Of The Day

Book Of Mormon

One of the many memorable moments from Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s hugely successful musical The Book Mormon is “Hasa Diga Eebowai”, a song which works on so many levels: as a biting “Hakuna Matata” spoof, as a joyful hymn to atheism, as a hilariously graphic and vulgar piece of comedy, as a violent clash of philosophies for the mormon characters in the play. It’s definitely one of those so-wrong-it’s-so-right tracks and it’s unlikely another song from The Book Of Mormon won’t qualify as Song Of The Day eventually so watch this space.


Montage – Song Of The Day

Team AmericaOne of the many nuggets of genius to be found in Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s anarchic puppet movie Team America: World Police is the “Montage” song which facilitates a transition for the main character in pure piss-take fashion as Hollywood’s time-saving movie clichés are poked fun at in one of the best minutes the film has to offer. The song also popped up in a South Park episode a while back.

Remember: always fade out in a montaaaaaage…

Let’s Build A Snowman – Song Of The Day

Let's Build A Snowman

Forget Frozen‘s take on snowman-building: this is where it’s at.

From what is quite possibly the least Christmassy movie ever, Troma’s Cannibal! The Musical was not only Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s first full-on musical but it also remains one of their most underrated, underwatched gems, probably because it was made pre-South Park. “Let’s Build A Snowman” is one of the most memorable song numbers from the film, for obvious reasons (see below).