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In Bloom – Song Of The Day

In Bloom

From Nirvana‘s classic album Never Mind, “In Bloom” was the last single to be released from it. Its video was a glorious piss-take of old variety shows depicting the band playing the song rather tamely Beatles-style. Which was perfectly fitting seeing as the song criticised those who didn’t exactly “get” the band back in the day. In short: it’s yet another cool song from one of the most essential rock albums around.


Lithium – Song Of The Day

LithiumThe third single from Nirvana‘s iconic album Nevermind and one of my favourite songs of the bunch, “Lithium” is a partly quiet, partly loud track which really puts the band’s spirit on display. It’s just one of those songs that needs to be played with the volume way up. Head-banging is a must with this one, frankly.