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20 Cool Songs From 2014

It may be a little late for 2014 retrospectives but we thought we’d throw some of our favourite tracks from last year your way regardless, just in case you missed some you might want to check out.

Feel free to send us your recommendations and your favourite tracks from last year right here in the comments, on Twitter (@feedbacktheatre) or on our Facebook page.

Alright, here we go: in no particular order, here’s 20 Cool Songs From 2014:


The Way



Out of nowhere, the Buzzcocks came back with a ninth album last year. Its title track was “The Way” and it confirmed quickly that the punk band still had some life left in them.


Turn Blue

The Black Keys

Black Keys

Another title track, this time from The Black Keys‘ eighth album Turn Blue. This is one fab, retro, chilled-out tune that’s perfect for cheap wine drinking and light fornication.


Sugar On The Side

Blondie (feat. Systema Solar)


Blondie‘s latest album Ghosts Of Download may have proven a little too “poppy” for fans but Debbie Harry‘s reinvention was still worth a listen, especially the single “Sugar On The Side”.


Rock Or Bust


Rock Or Bust

Unlike Blondie, AC/DC didn’t exactly come out of their comfort zone last year delivering a very AC/DC album with the old familiar sound we’re used to. That said, new album (and single) Rock Or Bust still rocked.


All The Rage Back Home



Interpol‘s latest album El Pintor may not have been their best but parts of it were still worth a listen including the single “All The Rage Back Home” which was catchy and moody just like a good Interpol track should be.


Said And Done

The Very Small

Very Small

Up and coming band The Very Small released the album Zoomed Way Out last year along with the single “Said And Done” which was a welcome burst of energy to the indie rock scene.


New Crown


New Crown

For their third studio album, Wolfmother went full retro and released the most 60’s-sounding LP of 2014. The title track, “New Crown”, gives you a pretty good idea of what the band would have sounded like back in the day.


The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)



The controversy surrounding the iTunes release of U2‘s Songs Of Innocence may have overshadowed the album itself yet this turned out to be the band’s best in a long while. Its first single, an ode to Joey Ramone, set the more personal tone.


The Gift



Man On The Run was certainly a more commercial effort for Bush, something which may have been a divisive move for fans. “The Gift”, however, did a great job to evoke the good old grunginess we loved about the band back in the 90’s.



Lenny Kravitz


Is it weird that Lenny Kravitz delivered better Prince songs than Prince himself last year? A little, although Kravitz has been known to be a pretty reliable and consistent musician in his own right. “Strut” is a fun, catchy and funky tune indeed.


Something From Nothing

Foo Fighters

Something From Nothing

Whether you’re a fan of Foo Fighters or not, the single “Something From Nothing” was so good it definitely made you want to check out their new album Sonic Highways regardless.



TV On The Radio


Arguably the rockier track on TV On The Radio‘s new album Seeds, “Lazerray” channels The Ramones with one fun, punky tune which confirms once again the band’s endless versatility.


I Don’t Need Your Love

Clones Of Clones

Clones Of Clones

Last year, breakout Washington D.C. band Clones Of Clones released the single “I Don’t Need Your Love” and, to this day, it’s still stuck in our heads and it remains one of the most memorable tracks of 2014. Don’t forget to check out the band’s latest “Monster Heart”.





For us here at Feedback Theatre, Chinese indie rock band Hedgehog can do no wrong. Last year saw the band release the album Phantom Pop Star which included an atmospheric, sexy tune called “Aspirin”.


That Black Bat Licorice

Jack White

Jack White

Here’s one cool Jack White track which was released as a 7″ single with not one but three videos attached to it. It can also be found on last year’s album Lazaretto which is also recommended.


Can’t Break Me Down

Billy Idol

Billy Idol

Billy Idol‘s comeback single “Can’t Break Me Down” may have had a rather light, commercial chorus aimed at picking up a newer mass audience but even then, one can’t deny just how damn good everything else about that song was. Plus it’s just good to have Idol back.



John Frusciante


Recent John Frusciante albums tend to be experimental to the point of being almost overwhelming or simply baffling. Enclosure at least had “Fanfare”, which benefited from the simplicity of just having Frusciante’s unmistakable voice sing over a dancey beat as the partly electro song grows and grows quietly into something expectedly brilliant. That’s before it devolves into crazy noises, of course.


The Plague

The Vultures

Three Mothers

Here’s one beautifully sinister track from UK-based band The Vultures: “The Plague” can be found on the band’s genial first album Three Mothers Part 1. It’s a pretty good introduction to The Vultures so if you like the track, we’d definitely recommend purchasing the whole thing over at bandcamp. Because your ears f***ing deserve it.




Layout 1

HAIM certainly made an impact with their first album Days Are Gone, which basically but the Haim sisters on the map. “Falling” was the second single to be released from the album and its Kate Bush-esque retro feel made it instantly hipster-rific. Who said pop music had to be shit?


Gimme Chocolate!!


Babymetal Album

It’s no secret that metal J-pop band Babymetal are all kinds of awesome so it frankly would have been odd for us not to include one of the tracks from their terrific self-titled first album. “Gimme Chocolate!!” seemed like a fitting choice seeing as we are still nowhere near tired of THAT live performance.

Here’s hoping that 2015 delivers the goods!

See you next year for another retrospective, Feedbackians.

Hedgehog – Artist Spotlight

Hedgehog Pic

Beijing-set indie rock band Hedgehog may not be too well known in the west, despite having recorded their latest album Sun Fun Gun in the U.S., but they have been around since 2004, proving over and over that there are very good Chinese rock bands out there.

Hedgehog are a trio, ZO, Atom and He Yifan, and make a hell of a lot of noise for two dudes and a little lady. Despite forming in the 2000’s, the band’s music sounds very 90’s, early 90’s even, and there’s definitely some Nirvana influence in there.

As you can probably tell from “Wink”:

Trademark characteristics of the band include catchy bass lines, the use of English lyrics pretty often, wild and memorable choruses and Atom’s backing vocals. Though they have angstier tunes like “Wink” under their belt, they also do a great job with slower, moodier, more atmospheric tracks.

Case and point, “The End”:

But it’s not all moody stuff, they do have a good bunch of lighter, more easy-going songs like “Heart On Fire” or even the Ramones-inspired “Dear Boy I Wanna Be Your Girl Friend”:

The band has 7 albums to their name so far and are still going. Their first was Happy Idle Kid, which included the songs “Wink”, “One” and “Cool Bad Girl” and is quite probably their angstier effort. Then came the melodic follow-up, Noise Hit World, which included the fun, lighter “Toy & 6.1” and the rather abstract “Apart”

Blue Daydreaming was next and included the beautiful title song, which opens the album with a bang. You could tell that Hedgehog’s style had solidified by the time this album came out, with loads of well-defined melodies and just instantly loveable tracks peppering the album. The likes of “In Spring” and “Tree” definitely worth hearing. Drummer Atom gets to also show off her vocals a little more in “Waiting For The Last Bus”.

Honeyed & Killed is the band’s fourth album, released in 2010, and contains the aforementioned “The End” as well as the mellower titular track and the darker “Kill Your Age”. The album was followed by a 2011 self-released effort, DEstroy MeMOries, which was a little more experimental (see “Broken Wings”) while still kept a raw energy, a bootleg called Still Alive and their latest, Sun Fun Gun, which came out in 2012 and which included “The Band” and the explosive “Surf With Shark”:

That Hedgehog have already crammed in so many cool albums in such a relatively short amount of time is impressive and it’s looking like there’s plenty more to come, probably going in an edgier direction.

You can listen to a bunch of the band’s songs HERE and look out for updates on what they have in store next on their website.

Anyone into Nirvana or The Jesus And Mary Chain, or into that kind of music anyway, should definitely check out Hedgehog: loads of cool songs, loads of great albums. Be warned, though, the lyrics in some of their English songs aren’t exactly amazing but the songs themselves carry enough charm to keep you rockin’ throughout.