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Big Bottom – Song Of The Day

Spinal Tap

One of the many memorable musical masterpieces to come out of classic mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap was “Big Bottom” by the iconic pseudo hard rock band Spinal Tap. The performance in the film sees guitars slapping Christopher Guest‘s butt, Harry Shearer rocking a double neck guitar and Michael McKean excelling at singing about rear ends like no-one else.

This is, indeed, Spinal Tap.


King Tut – Song Of The Day

King TutBack in 1978, Steve Martin released the classic joke hit that is “King Tut”, a masterpiece to rival the pyramids themselves, to be sure. Originally performed on SNL, the song reached number 17 in the charts and can be found on Martin’s comedy album A Wild And Crazy Guy. The novelty song may be irresistible but it works best when coupled with Martin’s funky dance moves.

Highly Illogical – Song Of The Day

Mr Spock

Although it’s William Shatner‘s music career which most recall post-Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy did rock out to some pretty random tunes as well. From the pretty awesome album Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space, a gem everybody should really own, comes “Highly Illogical”, a song in which Mr. Spock himself questions humanity’s logic. It’s very 60’s and completely adorable.


In Bloom – Song Of The Day

In Bloom

From Nirvana‘s classic album Never Mind, “In Bloom” was the last single to be released from it. Its video was a glorious piss-take of old variety shows depicting the band playing the song rather tamely Beatles-style. Which was perfectly fitting seeing as the song criticised those who didn’t exactly “get” the band back in the day. In short: it’s yet another cool song from one of the most essential rock albums around.

Hasa Diga Eebowai – Song Of The Day

Book Of Mormon

One of the many memorable moments from Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s hugely successful musical The Book Mormon is “Hasa Diga Eebowai”, a song which works on so many levels: as a biting “Hakuna Matata” spoof, as a joyful hymn to atheism, as a hilariously graphic and vulgar piece of comedy, as a violent clash of philosophies for the mormon characters in the play. It’s definitely one of those so-wrong-it’s-so-right tracks and it’s unlikely another song from The Book Of Mormon won’t qualify as Song Of The Day eventually so watch this space.

Montage – Song Of The Day

Team AmericaOne of the many nuggets of genius to be found in Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s anarchic puppet movie Team America: World Police is the “Montage” song which facilitates a transition for the main character in pure piss-take fashion as Hollywood’s time-saving movie clichés are poked fun at in one of the best minutes the film has to offer. The song also popped up in a South Park episode a while back.

Remember: always fade out in a montaaaaaage…

Whip It – Song Of The Day

Whip It

What can one say about “Whip It”?

The genius video pretty much says it all.

Still, funny hat-wearing new wave band Devo‘s biggest hit deserves to be talked about. From the 1980 album Freedom Of Choice, the song was eventually covered by a pretty unlikely bunch of artists from Alvin & The Chipmunks to Moby. Of course, how could anyone ever beat the original?

You must whip it.