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Float On – Song Of The Day

Float On

In-keeping with the theme of every Friday, our Song Of The Day for today is a cover of Modest Mouse‘s “Float On” by Clones Of Clones, one of our favourite new bands. This version pays homage to Modest Mouse’s fab track yet remains very much a Clones Of Clones song, with its moodier approach. There’s also more of an electronic vibe with this cover, something which merges well with the band’s usual style.

“Float On” is out now and you can hop over to Soundcloud right now to enjoy the hell out of it. The video below is also worth sticking around for!


Final Solution – Song Of The Day

Peter Murphy

Seeing as this is Friday and on Fridays we deal primarily with cover songs here at Feedback Theatre, I thought our Song Of The Day for today should be a cover so here we have “Final Solution” not by the great Pere Ubu, who first recorded the song back in 1976, but by the great Peter Murphy, who made it his own later on.

Remember (Walking In The Sand) – Song Of The Day


Although I first heard this song performed by Aerosmith in their Night In The Ruts album, it was in fact first recorded back in 1964 by The Shangri-Las. It’s a beautiful little song and quite a few people have covered it over time. Few years ago, John Frusciante treated fans to a live rendition of the song at a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig, for example. I love Aerosmith’s cover but the original is still really good so listen to both I’d say: