Soirée Disco – Song Of The Day


If you lived in France back in the mid 90’s and you survived that somehow then you are no stranger to this awful yet irresistible one-hit wonder.

In every way, DJ Philippe Dhondt‘s (aka Boris) “Soirée Disco” is a trashy piece of kitsch nonsense with no real shape or point. But I suppose that’s what makes its unique charm, kinda like how the worst karaoke songs still inspire you to sing along sometimes or how the crappiest Eurovision Song Contest entries are so misguided they become fascinating and basically awesome. If there is such a thing as “endearingly shit” then this tune is it. How a basic disco beat over which a dude called Boris talks about some party he’s putting together did so well in the charts remains a mystery but I’d be lying if I said this one has no nostalgic value at all.

It happened and I was there.

And I… liked it?

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