I Just Want To Have Something To Do – Song Of The Day

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Although the album Road To Ruin wasn’t exactly the more mainstream success The Ramones wanted it to be, it was still packed with great songs. Plus, “I Just Want Something To Do” provided us with one awesome little moment of fan service when they finally showed up eating chicken vindaloo in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, a movie which, up to that point, might as well have been titled “Where Are The F***ing Ramones?!”. It’s a movie-stealing entrance and a very cool song.

Imitation Of Life – Song Of The Day

Imitation Of Life

Although R.E.M‘s “Imitation Of Life” reached the Top 10 in the UK and got to number 1 in Japan, it didn’t exactly rock the US too much. The song did make it onto the band’s best of album In Time: The Best Of R.E.M 1988-2003, though. And rightly so. Named after the movie of the same name, the song is mostly remembered for its random yet completely hypnotizing music video which pans and scans around a busy party scene, zooming in and out of various off-beat goings on in what’s essentially a repeated 20 seconds loop.

Crash – Song Of The Day

CrashThough The Primitives‘ 1988 hit is often compared to “99 Red Balloons” for its similar-ish melody, “Crash” is very much its own track and a really fun one at that.

From the band’s debut album Lovely, “Crash” remains one of the quintessential driving songs, which is why it not only appeared in Dumb & Dumber but more recent road or car movies as well. Tracy Spencer’s moody tones mixed with the rest of the band’s gear-changing but constantly speeding rhythm makes a good old short and sweet track that’s well worth checking out.

Monkey Magic – Song Of The Day


Japanese rock band Godiego certainly hit the big time with this classic tune which made the TV series Monkey that little bit more awesome. “Monkey Magic” is about as fun and uplifting as a theme song can get. With lyrics like “Born from an egg on a mountain top / The punkiest monkey that ever popped” it is quite simply 70’s bliss all the way. As is Monkey and its iconic opening title sequence, of course.

Here they are performing their opus live:

I Build This Garden For Us – Song Of The Day

I Build This Garden For Us

The second single from Lenny Kravitz‘s debut album Let Love Rule, “I Build This Garden For Us” is today’s Song Of The Day mostly because it’s not one of the first songs that come to mind when Kravitz’s name pops up but it was this little tune which stood out for me from that particular album. It’s a cool, chilled-out track with a catchy hook and a fun, psychedelic video.

Worth a listen.

New Way Home – Song Of The Day

FooFighters-TheColourAndTheShapeFrom the Foo Fighters‘ second album The Colour And The Shape, “New Wave Home” came right at the end of it to end things on an explosive note. The song was my personal introduction to the band and it remains the only track of theirs I tend to go back to every so often. It’s a cool song with a great melody and one of the most memorable breaks out there as the song basically stops before winding back up slowly.

Like the band or not, that’s a good one.

Soirée Disco – Song Of The Day


If you lived in France back in the mid 90’s and you survived that somehow then you are no stranger to this awful yet irresistible one-hit wonder.

In every way, DJ Philippe Dhondt‘s (aka Boris) “Soirée Disco” is a trashy piece of kitsch nonsense with no real shape or point. But I suppose that’s what makes its unique charm, kinda like how the worst karaoke songs still inspire you to sing along sometimes or how the crappiest Eurovision Song Contest entries are so misguided they become fascinating and basically awesome. If there is such a thing as “endearingly shit” then this tune is it. How a basic disco beat over which a dude called Boris talks about some party he’s putting together did so well in the charts remains a mystery but I’d be lying if I said this one has no nostalgic value at all.

It happened and I was there.

And I… liked it?