One More Kiss, Dear – Song Of The Day


One of the many great things about the movie Blade Runner was its uniquely atmospheric soundtrack from Vangelis who perfectly captured the old-meets-new feel of the setting and gave us something futuristic but decidedly retro. The 30’s-style tune “One More Kiss, Dear” was one of the highlights and, although it stood out from the rest of tracks, it was a pleasant surprise to say the least. This is a beautiful song with a very pretty melody, an emotional punch to it and a lot of heart.

Here’s to you, Treasure.

Face To Face – Song Of The Day

Face To Face

If there’s one thing I would have never dreamed would come together but I was very happy to find out did once come together was the combination of Siouxsie and The Banshees, Danny Elfman and Batman. Not content with delivering a brilliant operatic score for Batman Returns, Danny Elfman co-wrote the song “Face To Face” with Siouxsie and The Banshees and it is one appropriately sexy and gothic track with a hypnotic sweeping melody, a few sly Bat-references and some reliably sultry vocal work from Sioux. The video is also completely in keeping with the movie’s tone.

One of my favourites.

Clones Of Clones – New Artist Spotlight

Clones Of ClonesHere’s a band you guys should really look into and expect great things from.

Clones Of Clones are an alternative rock band from Washington D.C. with some very promising output which looks set to blow-up in a massive, positive way very, very soon.

The band is Nick Scialli (Bass, Guitar, Vocals), Ben Payes (Guitar, Synth, Vocals), Brian Abbott (Drums) and Todd Evans (Guitar, Synth, Vocals) and their mission is to put together music you can instantly get behind and hang onto, while having a good time in the process.

There’s a versatility to their style which means that they can comfortably dip into more indie territory one second, tackle something a bit more bluesy the next and pick up a poppier vibe at times while still sounding like themselves and delivering fresh, well put-together tunes.

One of their EPs which you can find on SoundCloud is their 2013 debut Neighborhoods, a 4 track-long mini album with some killer psychedelic cover art and, of course, some cool music.

Case and point:

“Bully” is the second track from Neighborhoods and it certainly gets that slightly 90’s vibe across quite well with a catchy chorus, a chilled-out rhythm and some welcome attitude. The other tracks are also well worth listening to as the title song, “Neighborhoods”, boasts some great lyrics and both “Homie” and “Take Care Of Yourself” have a genuine emotional punch to them.

Do check out the band’s Youtube channel because you’ll be able to find those songs and much more on there.

Which brings us to the really cool part: there’s a new EP on the way and the teaser for its explosive title track “I Don’t Need Your Love” is up!

This is a short but sweet example of how good the full song and its video will be and, having listened and viewed both, I can safely say that this should be the breakout hit the band are looking for and deserve: its Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-esque swagger and catchy-as-hell chorus alone make this one a must-hear.

And, if every song on the EP is as good as this one, which I’m sure they are, then you’ll probably want to head over to iTunes come November 11th and purchase I Don’t Need Your Love because it’ll be worth it to say the least.

More information on Clones Of Clones can be found on their website and their Facebook page which you’re very welcome to “Like” (same goes for ours, hehehe).

The band is also active on Instagram and Twitter so there’s no excuse to not bring these Clones Of Clones into your lives, like, right now.

Expect a review of their new EP right here on Feedback Theatre soon enough!

Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head – Song Of The Day

Demon DaysOne of the most experimental and unique tracks to come out of Gorillaz‘s 2005 album Demon Days was “Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head”. The song consisted of a story, a fable really, being read by actor Dennis Hopper while choirs and bouncing beats underlined his words, keeping the whole thing entertaining throughout. Add to that a great melody sung by Damon Albarn a couple of times and the fact that Dennis Hopper was and will always be awesome, and you’ve got yourself one great Song Of The Day.


Dissolve – Song Of The Day


If you only know John Frusciante from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, then you’ve been missing out on some brilliant solo stuff. While some of it may be, granted, a little depressing or too experimental, the music is always packed with beautiful melodies and some obviously genius guitar work. Frusciante is also a highly underrated singer and he shows off a bit of his range in “Dissolve”, our Song Of The Day for today. From the EP DC EP, which boasted the creepy cover above, the unpretentious track slowly but surely grows into one hell of a pretty song.

Hello Operator – Song Of The Day

Hello operator

Here’s a ridiculously simple and enjoyable early track from The White Stripes. From their 2000 album De Stijl, “Hello Operator” was a playful bluesy track with some great riffs and guitar work in general from Jack White and some adorable mini-thumping by Meg. This was the song which made me personally stop and look into who these guys were as it embodied the raw energy and unique randomness of the band perfectly.

The single was also backed by a pretty cool cover of Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene”.

All My Little Words – Song Of The Day


69 Love Songs… that’s a lot of love songs.

Not so for The Magnetic Fields, however, who departed on this epic journey into concept album madness and never looked back, pulling it off beautifully and delivering one hell of an album in the process. One of the many great love songs on their opus was “All My Little Words”, a simple, sad little ballad from maestro Stephin Merritt.

A bittersweet, intimate gem and our Song Of The Day for today.